​​​​Coalitions and Networks for Active Living: CANAL Study


Co-Leaders: Jill Litt and Susan Zieff

The purpose of this project was to analyze coalitions and partnerships that are geared toward influencing physical activity policy change. Working group members compiled a list of coalitions meeting our study criteria. A coding tool was developed. The coalitions and networks were assessed on mission, history, process, success, sustainability, as well as other factors. A sub-sample of coalitions will be chosen for in-depth case study. Findings from this analysis can help us identify barriers and enablers to coalition prosperity.


Advancing Environmental and Policy Change through Active Living Collaboratives: Exploring Compositional, Organizational, and Community Engagement as Correlates of Group Effectiveness [Full Text Article] [Research Brief]

Lessons in Promoting Active Living: The Collaborative Perspective [Full Text Article] [Research Brief]


Investigating Policy Maker Priorities in CANAL Communities


Leads: Jill Litt and Stephanie Lemon

This project is currently being conducted and combines data drom both the CANAL study and the Policy Maker Study. There are 16 communities where there is data from the Policy Maker Study and coalitions from the CANAL study. Analysis will be both qualitative and quantitative and will look for patterns, similarities and differences among these communities.


Check back soon for results!