Assessing District Level PE policies


Lead: Jamie Chriqui

Bridging the Gap is a project funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to improve the understanding of how policies and environmental factors affect diet, physical activity and obesity among youth. PAPRN member Jamie Chriqui, PhD at the University of Illinois-Chicago collected and assessed district level policies on physical education from districts across the United States for the Bridging the Gap program.

The PAPRN team, under the guidance of Dr. Chriqui, used this existing data to assess implementation of PE policies at the district level. The team developed an online survey for district level personnel with questions that are specific to the PE policy in that district. The survey was distributed using Qualtrics Online survey system through the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis. The goal was to collect district level policy implementation information from nationally representative districts from the Bridging the Gap sample.


State and District Policy Influences on District-wide Elementary and Middle School Physical Education Practices [Full Text Article]