Analysis of Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans: The AMP study

A Bicycle or Pedestrian Master Plan is a formal transportation and/or land-use plans to improve conditions and supports for walking and bicycling. They usually include planned routes and paths for bicycles and pedestrian us and provide guidance on facility designs. The Master Plans also establish policies to support safe use of these routes and facilities. The goals of this study were to: 1) develop a coding tool to analyze bike/ped plans at sites across the United States, 2)code a representative sample of state, regional, and local plans and 3) compare and contrast results to determine best practices. Click on the links below to access the coding tool and other products from this study.

Coding Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans

This is the Excel coding tool used to analyze the master plans.

Is Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Planning a Chronic Disease Strategy?

This is a presentation given at the 2007 Chronic Disease Conference on the AMP study.

Master Plans for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation: Community Characteristics

This is the article describing characteristics of communities with bicycle pedestrian master plans published in Journal of Physical Activity and Health.