Active Transport To and From School: A Multi-site Exploration of Physical Activity Policy

The objectives of this project were to explore the barriers and enablers of active transport to and from school (ATS) and to identify common lessons learned across the school-community sites. The research team especially focused on exploring ATS policies and practices. Each research center chose one elementary school that has an active transport policy or an environmental change that supports active transport. The schools (n = 9) were diverse in socioeconomic status, racial/ethnic make-up, and community characteristics. Researchers at each site interviewed key informants in order to gain insight on the important aspects of the policy change. Clink on the links below for more information on methods and results.

Interview Guide

This guide was developed by the research team and includes questions tailored to each group of people interviewed.

Policy Brief

This is a two-page summary of the ATS study.

Policies Related to Active Transportation To and From School: A Multisite Case Study

This is the full academic report that includes details of methodology and results.

Parental Involvement in Active Transport to School Programs

This is a full academic report on parental perspective and involvement with ATS at our study schools.